NOTE: November's teachings were lost forever in our ultra high tech recording/editng process(*cough cough*). We're bummed about that but we got it figured out for check back!

Some recent teachings

The Upside Down Pastor's Wife

Our "Pastor" Matt...and his beautiful wife Shanda :-)

Here's some of what you might hear in the way of teaching if you call Ruthless Trust Church home. Lots about Seeking, community, service, and worship. Tons about grace, the unconditional love of God, and, of course, ruthlessly trusting God. Videos are decidedy unpolished, unprofessional, and unedited...just like our pastor! Pastor Matt would be disappointed if you didn't find him to be one of the most unimpressive, down to earth, knows-he's-a-ragamuffin dudes you've ever met. He does have degrees and stuff like that if that's important to you...even though it's not too important to him. His wife also has a tiny blog called The Upside Down Pastor's Wife where you can get even more insight into the heart of Ruthless Trust. It is linked on the left below as well.

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