Ruthless Trust Church was started out of an encountered hunger among people who love Christ's Church and its mission, but have struggled, for varied  and numerous reasons, to find a home in modern church experience. Small in number, and scattered geographically - a small group of Christ followers decided to try and make a home for everyone sharing this "homelessness" and overcome whatever obstacles necessary to make it happen...because no one should journey alone. We currently are centered in South Bend, Indiana but have several families that travel more than an hour in all directions to take part of this community. We have built the foundation of Ruthless Trust Church on four foundational principles we believe are the essence of genuine church. We want everything we are and do to connect to these in some fashion:

Genuine God Seeking

Real Community

True Serving

Authentic Worship

We meet every other Sunday in homes (most often our Pastor's home), parks, each other's homes, at places to serve, at places of fellowship and the list will keep growing. There is always a meal involved because, well...FOOD...and because Acts 2:42-47 mentions meals TWICE :-). Unless we are serving, or exercising our freedom to worship and learn in some different way on any given Sunday, there is a time of musical expression of worship and some teaching as well (with something special for the littles among us). This intentional flexibility is one of several cool things about expressing church this way. It's fluid. It's mobile It's agile. It's...free. 

If this hunger has touched you and you are looking for home...please check out some of the galleries, teaching links, and other resources on our humble little website to get a better feel for the possibility of this becoming "home" for you too. And by all means, contact us! Let us know you're out there looking! We'd love to share our hearts with you with zero pressure (we TOTALLY understand this is not for everyone) and be whatever help we can be to help you find home!...even if it's not with us.

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